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safety working gloves

ESD Copper Gloves

- Polyurethane coated only on the tip of finger on gloves knitted with static electricity fiber.
- Made with very appropriate material in sites where generate abundant of static electricity Has good elasticity, ventilation and durability as well as excellent resistance against wearing out, water, and slipping by sweat. Thus it lessens workers' fatigue of hands.
- Appropriate to protect goods and promotion of productivity for precision work, computer assembly, semiconductor assembly, compact disk industry, photo film handling, electric/electronic parts assembly, etc.
Item No.
safety working gloves
S(6) / M(7) / L(8) /
XL(9) / XXL(10)
13gauge, Nylon & COPPER ESD (ANTISTATIC) Elastic, Comfortable, breathable, washable, Dust free, Color-coded cuff indicating size


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