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Work gloves manufacturer   " Welcome to KS GLOVE CO., LTD."

Work gloves manufacturer

Welcome to KS GLOVE CO., LTD. We, KS GLOVE, have established in 1981 in a small city named Yeong Cheon-City, South Korea a beautiful and clean land, with name of Kyung Sin Company. And, we have endeavored to manufacture excellent gloves for the tastes of buyers, since our establishment.

We, KS GLOVE, are doing our best for endless R&D till the satisfaction of the customers, thinking on the customers' position on the background of challenging mind as well as new thought according to the trend of changing time.
We are always researching tastes of our customers for our goods. And, our door is always opened to you to listen your valuable opinion.

We have firm belief of artisans that we can win the competition only with devoted handicraft's mind and attitude. For excellent quality and production, we prepared manufacturing facilities for polyurethane coating gloves of a million pairs a month by investment in 2004.
Most of our products are being exported to Europe, USA, and Japan. We are doing our best for best delivery and best quality with most reasonable price.

We appreciate for all of your love and care. Please put your eyes on us, and encourage us for careful listening to your kind advice.

 Thank you very much.
Staffs of KS GLOVE ;
CEO Doo Ho, Cho;  
Annual Sales Revenues
Amounts of Exports
USD 3 million
USD 2 million
50 persons
USD 2.4 million
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